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Integer's Starter Plan gives you the essential features to launch a professional web presence.

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Keep your and your customer's data safe.

Email and other transfer services don’t provide enough security for financial documents. With Integer, a secure file transfer portal is just one click away. Nothing to install, and always available on the web from any device.

Any size and any type, all your files in one easy to manage dashboard.

Each client gets a unique login and a private folder shared with you. Both your firm and your client can upload or download files from the shared folder, and they'll stay as long as you need them. 1GB of storage is included, with upgrades available.

Privacy and data integrity keep you and your clients safe.

Redundant file storage keeps your files safe in the case of equipment failure. Anti-virus scan keeps everyone safe from each other. Separate user accounts for you, your staff, and your clients gives you transparency into the system with activity logs and email notifications.

Bank-level encryption: an armored truck for your data

Files are transmitted using secure 256-bit AES encryption. HIPAA compliant physical, technical, and network safeguards mean the only people looking at your data are you and your clients, not even our staff.