Grow Your Business By Listing on Google Maps

by Integer Team

In today's world, the way people find out about new businesses or websites is by searching online. Most of the time when someone walks into a restaurant, for example, they've already read the menu, looked at pictures of the food and read reviews by recent customers so they are prepared and know what to expect. This constant information sharing can be intimidating to new business owners, but it doesn't have to be. There are ways to use this evolving new technology to your advantage and even to increase customers and sales. One way to take control of your online presence is to claim your business page on Google.

What is a Google local listing page?

When someone searches for a business like yours, Google determines their location and all similar businesses in their area will appear in a list. Each business listed has a page dedicated to it and if the page is claimed, it can display:

  • Your phone number
  • Link to your website*
  • Hours of operation
  • Pictures
  • and Reviews (more on that later)

Don't waste a valuable marketing opportunity by not creating and claiming your page!

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How do I claim my Google listing page?

  1. By going to Google My Business, and clicking on the "Start Now" button, you can begin the process. 
  2. Enter in your business name and location. If your business is not listed, you are able to add it manually. It's important to fill out all the required fields as accurately as possible. Make sure to read the Google's guidelines and follow them closely.
  3. Google will then mail you a verification code in one to two weeks. Once you receive the code, enter it into your Google Dashboard and you will now be in complete charge of your page.

For a walkthrough of the process, check out this video from Google:

What are the benefits of claiming my business?

Once you've claimed your business on Google listings, your customized page will show up every time someone in your area searches for keywords related to your business. Customers are also able to leave reviews on your listing for other potential customers to see. Online reviews are a major factor in the success of businesses in today's world. You are also able to respond both publicly and privately to reviews on your Google listing, which can help diffuse negative situations and reward positive ones. It is important to monitor and track your reviews. You also should always be encouraging your current clients to review your business online. You can even take the positive reviews and use them as testimonials on your business website.

Why should I monitor my claimed page?

Anytime you make changes to your business, such as operation hours, phone numbers, websites, or new services offered, you should update your Google Business listing. Change your photos consistently and keep them seasonally accurate if it pertains to your business. You wouldn't want to miss out on a possible new customer or client by not having accurate or up to date information on your Google listing.

Claiming your local Google page is easy. It's an important way to take charge of your online presence. It can attract new customers and engage current ones. Your Google Business Listing is often the first impression potential customers will get of your business and by claiming it, you will be taking control of that impression. It allows you to contribute to the online conversation about your services and makes your business more accessible to the people it will benefit most. Take control of your Google Listing today!

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